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The best locals’ guide to explore Rhodes town (all the secrets revealed)

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Ever noticed the difference between the information in travel guides and the actual destination?

Yeah, we thought so! That’s why we prepared an out of the ordinary guide of Rhodes town for you.

The best part?

This guide is all about the locals’ favorite things in Rhodes town. So, you bet you’re going to find all the hidden gems of Rhodes island to discover during your stay!

So, what are the best things about Rhodes town?

Stick with us to find out!

The medieval Rhodes Old Town

old town rhodes

Imagine what it would be like to stroll around the medieval town of Rhodes, feeling and seeing all its fairytale-like historical past.

Trust us, this is an experience you need to have in your life!

What’s more, Rhodes Old Town is one of the best preserved Medieval settlements in Europe, how cool is this?

In the medieval town of Rhodes, you’ll find many enormous stone-made buildings of the antiquity, from the Byzantine times and the Middle Ages to the Turkish rule. Some of these buildings are the building of the Colloquium, the hospital of the Knights, the Gothic Churches and many others.

Is that all?

Of course not!

Picture this: Stone-paved alleyways, Byzantine churches, traditional houses, and enormous palm trees combined with the medieval atmosphere of the town. Pure perfection!

The New Rhodes Town

new town rhodes port

Welcome to the other side of Rhodes Town!

So, what to expect from the New town of Rhodes?

This side of the town is full of Neogothic and Venetian buildings, creating a unique atmosphere. Let yourself get lost among the colorful parks, the squares, and the little stone paved roads.

The bottom line?

The picturesque port of Rhodes, where you can enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen! There, you can also find the impressive building of the New Market, with a golden decoration and many coffee places, shops, and restaurants.

What’s more, some of the best Rhodes hotels are located at New Rhodes Town! What’s better than a luxurious hotel matching the Italian vibe of the place?

The Clock Tower in Rhodes

clock tower rhodes

Wondering where in Rhodes you can enjoy the most breathtaking view?

Good news. We have the perfect place for you and it’s the Clock Tower in Rhodes!

This Byzantine style tower is one of the most impressive buildings in Rhodes. You can actually go inside the Clock Tower and use the stairs to get to its top. Once you get there, the magic begins: there is an amazing view of the sea and the rooftops of the town’s picturesque buildings.

You can also combine a visit to the Clock Tower with an Old Town exploration, as it takes just 15 minutes to get from one to the other!

The Street of the Knights in Rhodes

road of the knights rhodes

Needless to say, walking down the Street of Knights in Rhodes, you’ll time travel to another era!

Either you’re participating in a guided tour, or you’re exploring Rhodes Old Town on your own, the Street of the Knights is a must visit. This stone paved road connects the Knights’ Hospital with the Palace of the Grand Master.

Do you want to learn something interesting about the Street of the Knights?

The Knights Hospitaller, who used to rule the island of Rhodes back in the 14th century, were born in seven different geographical places ( England, France, Germany, Italy, Aragon, Auvergne, and Provence). In honor of them, there are seven inns at the Street of the Knights, constructed in the 16th century, symbolically representing these seven different languages or tongues!

The Palace of the Grand Master in Rhodes

palace of the grand master rhodes

A decent trip to Rhodes demands a visit to a real castle, right?

Trust us, there’s no better place than the Palace of the Grand Master in Rhodes.

So, it’s time to get more history wise!

The Palace of the Grand Master was where the governor used to live during the Medieval times and also the island’s cultural center. Today, it is open to the public as a museum, holding two permanent exhibitions on its first floor. However, 24 of the total 158 rooms of the palace are open to the public and, believe us when we say this, they will leave you speechless!

Why is that?

Just imagine multi- colored marbles, mosaics, oriental vases, frescoes by famous artists and an amazing interior yard.

Already traveled to other places and times, right?

The yummy food of Rhodes island

food rhodes

Leaving Rhodes without tasting the local delicacies?

Don’t let this be you!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rhodes island, like all the Greek islands, is known for its local dishes. Given that the base for every Greek island food is the fresh, locally produced ingredients, the result is always delicious!

But what are the main local foods you definitely need to try in Rhodes?

Continue reading and thank us later!

“Chtapodokeftedes”, or octopus balls: This is the perfect alternative to meatballs.

“Ornitha me loukoumi”: Basically boiled chicken filled with rice, onions, giblets, and herbs. It is served with local hand made pasta, named “hilopites”.

“Lakani”: Veal or lamb meat, cooked with tomato sauce.

Takakia”: Pastry filled with nuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove.

“Giaprakia”: Stuffed vines or cabbage leaves with rice and meat.

“Melitzana Psiti”: Roasted eggplant.

“Gemista”: Tomatoes and peppers, stuffed with rice and minced meat.

“Kapamas”: Baked goat with beans or chickpeas.

“Talagoutes”: Pancakes with walnuts, sesame, and honey.

The Archaeological Museum in Rhodes

archaeological museum rhodes

We know what you’re thinking.

Museums are meant to be boring, right?


The imposing medieval atmosphere of Rhodes Old Town will instantly put you in a mood for a museum visit! And there’s no better place to discover the historical past of Rhodes than the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes.

So, what is the Archaeological Museum all about?

First of all, the building itself will leave you in awe! It was made by the Grand Master Jean de Lastic in 1440 and used to be the main Hospital for the Knights of Saint John, aka Knights Hospitaller.

Today, an exhibition is hosted on the first floor, containing findings from excavations all over Rhodes island and some other islands of Dodecanese. The visitors will find exhibits, such as vases, figurines, small objects, and tomb groups. They will also find mosaic floors and funerary slabs of the Knights.

Rhodes by night

rhodes by night

We love late evening strolls!

And we know you do, too.

Well, Rhodes town has the perfect scenery for never-ending night strolls! The imposing medieval scenery and the lights will make you feel as if you’re living in a medieval fairy tale. The magic of this place is unbelievable!

Enter the Old Town of Rhodes through the gate of Saint Athanasios and let yourself get lost in the cobbled streets. If you’re visiting Rhodes with your partner, then a romantic night stroll around Rhodes Town is a must!

What’s better than a breathtaking sunset and a romantic dinner to close a day of exploration?

No partner? No problem!

Rhodes is known for its vivid nightlife, with lots of pubs, clubs, and discos! Either you’d like a folk dance night, or a clubbing night, Rhodes got you covered.

The options are unlimited and the fun lasts till morning!

To sum up, Rhodes Town in Rhodes island is the perfect holidays destination!

Think we’re exaggerating?

You should visit Rhodes and we bet you’ll fall in love with the magical scenery of the island.

What are you waiting for?

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